Welcome to SwiftComply Backflow

Please read the following directions to learn how to access your SwiftComply Backflow tester or admin account.

If you have already filled out an enrollment form for the jurisdiction where you test:

Check your email for a message from support@swiftcomply.com. 
That message will contain a unique URL where you can login.

If it is your first time logging in please use the “Forgot your Password?” option on the login page.

 If you are unable to find that email, please reach out to support@swiftcomply.com for the correct URL.

If you have NOT filled out an enrollment form for the city/jurisdiction where you test:

Please reach out to support@swiftcomply.com or call us at 619-304-6022 to receive a link to sign up for SwiftComply Backflow.

Once you have submitted an enrollment form you will receive a welcome email from support@swiftcomply.com with instructions to login for the first time.


SwiftComply Customer Support:
619-304-6022 support@swiftcomply.com


We work with cities and water authorities across the globe that are looking to modernize their operations and future proof of their compliance programs against the changing regulatory landscape.

Please visit our website or contact your city representative for further information.

Each city/water jurisdiction has a unique URL where testers can login. Check your email for a message from support@swiftcomply.com for the URL, or use our support information to get in touch.