Colorado Springs Utilities

Backflow Assembly Tester Pre-Registration Form

Please complete the below registration form to pre-register for a SwiftComply Backflow user account.  

Pre-registration is required no later than March 15, 2024. Failure to register will result in removal from the Colorado Springs Utilities approved backflow prevention tester list and prevent entry and acceptance of test results.

Pre-registration will require a unique email for each user/tester.  Tester certification and test kit calibration information is also required.

Type of Account

You have the option to choose between an Admin account and a Tester account.

ADMIN ACCOUNT: Not currently a tester but submits tests for testers at their company.

TESTER ACCOUNT: A tester who is certified to complete backflow tests, and will need to either submit tests themselves or have an admin submit tests on their behalf.

Tester/Admin Information

We use this information to create your user account within SwiftComply.
When the upgrade is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to this email address. This will include instructions on activating your online user account.

Testing Company Information

We use this information to create your Service Provider profile in SwiftComply.
*If you are self-employed, write "Self."

Additional Users

You can add up to 3 testers or admins on one form. Please reload this form if you need to add additional users.

Contact for assistance


Colorado Springs Utilities has partnered with SwiftComply Backflow to provide a means to submit and track backflow test results online without the need for additional software. 
Please visit the Swift Comply website for more information.

Colorado Springs Utilities is upgrading our Backflow management software to provide a more modern user experience.  Pre-registration is required to ensure our users can continue to submit and track Backflow tests when we go live in April 2024.