Cross Connection Control

Escondido, CA

Backflow Assembly Testers Digital Test Submission Registration

Complete the form today to request a login and submit backflow tests online to the City of Escondido.

Once enrolled, you’ll receive an email confirmation within one business day, including the details on how to complete the process and create a password to access XC2Live, the city’s digital submission software. This is to ensure your customers stay  in compliance with Escondido’s Cross Connection Control program.

Contact or (888) 887-5492 for assistance


How does it work?

Check out our 2-minute video for an overview of how to submit backflow tests through XC2Live

What are the differences between Tester and Admin accounts?

Tester Accounts: This account allows the tester to enter their own test reports using a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.  The account only allows access to that specific tester’s qualifications (Backflow Certification / Test Kit)

  • Any tester using a mobile phone to enter test reports must have their own Tester  Account.
  • May use a company email address (ie: customerservice@xyzplumbing) or an individual’s email

Admin Accounts: This account allows the user to enter test reports for multiple testers. This is used by companies that have more than 1 tester.  This is often an admin, tester or another employee who enters the test reports for any / all testers associated with the company.  

  • Allows the ability to select a tester/test kit from a drop-down list when entering reports
  • May use a company email address (ie: customerservice@xyzplumbing) or an individual’s email
  • Admin Accounts CANNOT enter test reports using a mobile phone
Can my company have both admin and individual tester accounts?

No.  The City of Escondido requires all testers to have their own unique login.  Admin accounts are not permitted.

Can an email address be shared between two accounts?

No, every User account requires a unique email.  There cannot not be two accounts using the same email address.

I need to request additional users, what should I do?

Please complete the form again to request the additional users, it maxes at 5 users per submission. Or email us details for all of your user accounts to

Is my company required to sign up and submit tests online?

Yes.  The city of Escondido requires all Backflow testing be submitted through the online portal.