Houston, TX

Help Houston go digital!
Update your facility's contact information to enable receiving notifications via email.

Backflow prevention helps keep you and your community safe from potential pollutants or contaminants in the water during backflow events.  If you received this mail or link, you have at least one installed at your facility.  In an effor to be more environmentally and safety conscious, the City of Houston Cross Connection Control Department is collecting the most current information from its water customers in hope to shift into digital notifications and keep our drinking water safe. 

Please fill out the following form to ensure your facility management’s contact information is up to date so you can be included in this digital transition! 

Until further notice, notice and reminder letters will still be mailed to the facility.  There is no digital only option yet for these.

You can find this ID on your record update letter from the City of Houston. This ID number is required so we can ensure the correct record is being updated in our system.