City of Irving TX

Backflow Assembly Tester Registration Form

Please complete the below registration form to request a SwiftComply Backflow user account and submit backflow tests online to City of Irving TX.

SwiftComply Backflow, the city’s digital backflow test report submission software. This is so you can stay in compliance with City of Irving TX, Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Requirements.

Each tester  is required to have a unique email address in order to participate.  If you or a tester within your organization does not have an active email address you will need to create one.

NOTE: The City of Irving and the TECQ REQUIRES that test entries must be submitted by testing contractor performing the tests.

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Backflow Tester

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Testing Company Information

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Tester Credentials

A current, valid backflow assembly testing certification and test kit calibration is required in order to submit test reports through SwiftComply.
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Please attach a current copy of your backflow testing certification document.
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Additional Users

You can add up to 3 testers or admins on one form. Please reload this form if you need to add additional users.


We work with cities and water authorities across the globe that are looking to modernize their operations and future proof of their compliance programs against the changing regulatory landscape.

Please visit our website or contact your city representative for further information.

To have updated information with the city and it is necessary in order to submit a test through the new program.