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Backflow Assembly Testers Information Update

Complete the form today to ensure your testing information is up to date with Soos Creek! 

Completing this form ensures that you stay in compliance with Soos Creek’s Cross Connection Control requirements.

****Must be a UNIQUE individual email address. You'll need one unique email address for each tester or admin you enter.****

Type of Account

You have the option to choose between an Admin account and a Tester Account. Please note that both Admins and Tester will need to create individual user accounts in order to submit tests through SwiftComply.

ADMIN ACCOUNT: Not currently a tester but enter in tests for testers at their company.

TESTER ACCOUNT: A tester that is certified to complete backflow tests and will need to either submit tests themselves, or have an admin submit tests on their behalf.

Contact for assistance

What is SwiftComply Backflow?

We work with cities, districts, and water authorities across the globe that are looking to modernize their operations and future proof of their compliance programs against the changing regulatory landscape.

Please visit our website or contact your district representative for further information.

Why fill this form out?

To have updated information with the district and it is necessary in order to submit a test through the new program.